Saddle up, Snow. It’s time to take your aunt’s whip out for a spin

Season 7 episode 5 was the episode we needed this season. The battle scene last Sunday was pretty epic, but this episode pulled a lot of different threads together and pushed several key plot points into motion. Daenerys, are you a bad queen or are you a good queen? You're sending very mixed signals when… Continue reading Saddle up, Snow. It’s time to take your aunt’s whip out for a spin

Stop, drop, and roll

Season 7 episode 4 was phenomenally action-packed, but in a way that made me feel like I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean at times. I don't know if it's the soundtrack or the fighting scenes--or a combination of the two--but I couldn't shake the feeling that a Johnny Depp cameo was imminent. I think… Continue reading Stop, drop, and roll

The night is dark and full of spoilers

Season 7 episode 3 wasn't one of my favorite episodes. That being said, some good ish still went down. Let us begin. Daenarys, queen of a million metaphors and strained imagery and bullshit titles, meet Jon Snow, great guy who has a nice dog. Congratulations! You're an aunt! But also a potential love interest! THIS… Continue reading The night is dark and full of spoilers

You’re on, Euron

~spoilers ahead, obviously~ Season 7 episode 2 opens with a lovely scene featuring Daenerys and her girl squad gathered around a table discussing world domination, so I'm immediately on board. Daenerys, ever the sass monster perhaps to a fault, grills Varys the same way I'd grill the guy who never asked me out in high… Continue reading You’re on, Euron

Holy moly I went viral

"Mom, I've made it." Mom: "What's Twitter? Is that a social media? What's a retweet? Are these people friends of yours? I'm scared, maybe you should invest in Lifelock." Ugh mom, nevermind, forget it, put dad on the phone. Having a tweet go viral is absolutely in the top three most exciting things to ever… Continue reading Holy moly I went viral

Social chameleoning

Hey guys, I'm on a quest to find my truest, most authentic self, and I'm a little worried because I've boiled it down to three words: Snarky, embarrassing, and unemployable. (Just kidding future employers, the third word would probably be hardworking). Over the years and across many social media platforms, I've tried on a lot of… Continue reading Social chameleoning

Stop feeling bad about things you shouldn’t feel bad about

I'm so tired of feeling bad about stupid shit I shouldn't feel bad about. How often do you voice aloud to your friend the truth about your feelings towards something, only to quickly follow it up with "but I feel so bad!" so you seem like less of an asshole? Once I took the time… Continue reading Stop feeling bad about things you shouldn’t feel bad about